At the start of the new millennium amid Joburg's buzzing underground music scene two young Eastern Cape artists met and combined their creativity to form a lifelong spiritual connection. MXO was an aspiring hip-hop artist, who'd never performed with live instruments, and SLIQ ANGEL was budding songwriter and skilled guitarist. 
Sharing a common affinity for the Xhosa sound, together they created Roots 2000, and a new, innovative and relevant style of music was born. "Roots 2000 was about things like culture, belonging, connecting people and freedom." Says MXO. Their fanbase grew rapidly but in 2003, Sliq Angel had the opportunity to go to New York and they went their separate ways. 

Now, finally, the two have re-united under the Roots 2000 Project banner, and they will finally hit the Bassline stage again. Sliq adds: "Reuniting is a coming-of-age. I've been waiting for this forever. We're bringing back the jamming culture, because that's where we started."